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240AMP Mechman 1JZ/2JZ Alternator
240AMP Mechman 1JZ/2JZ Alternator

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Part Number: 240AMP Mechman 1JZ/2JZ Alternator

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240AMP Mechman 1JZ/2JZ Alternator. If you want a great bolt on alternator for the JZ engine, you have found it! Aaron started running this alternator on his 1.2JZ engine when our 200 amp alternator wasn't quite enough. His car has electric power steering (50-75 amps), 500W electric fans (40 amps+), electric water pump (15 amps), a big Magnafuel fuel pump (15 amps), plus HID lights, etc... The Mechman 240amp alternator can keep up with this type of electrical load, and still keep the battery charging. Lots of drift cars are switching to all 12v powered accessories, and this alternator is great for those vehicles. With the underdrive alternator pulley we have tested these units to over 8500rpm, but the idle speed will need to be increased to 900-1000 rpm to keep the voltage up at idle under heavy load. The stock size pulley is good engines not going too far over the stock red line. We recommend keeping the max continuous load (hot) under 140amps.

We have an option for "self exciting", this means there is no 3 pin connector on the back of the alternator, so it regulates it's own output voltage. This simplifies the electrical system on cars that are highly modified. There will be no output for the alternator voltage warning light on the dash, so keep that in mind. The normal unit has a 3 pin oval connector, so if you have a round connector on your current alternator you will need to purchase a new oval alternator connector with 3 pins (DM2085 and DM1599)

This alternator requires at least 1/0 battery cables (12v and ground), and we recommend running an additional ground cable from the alternator case directly to the battery for cars with a battery relocation.

240 amp High Output S series alternator for Toyota Supra This premium quality unit features twin rectifier plates, 12 huge heavy duty diodes, and hairpin stator construction for un-matched low RPM output and durability. Suitable for both the Turbocharged and Naturally aspirated versions of the Toyota 2JZ engine, these alternators will run cooler, maintain better voltage, and last longer than the original 3 phase round-wire Toyota alternator design. Installation is a direct bolt in, but a 1 inch shorter than stock length belt (not included) will be required for proper belt tension. This unit accepts the factory Toyota Supra alternator harness, and will provide 140 amps @ 800 engine RPM with the included 46mm alternator pulley. S series units are built in the USA with OEM Toyota / Lexus internal components and include a 2 year warranty. This product is compatible with the Adjustable voltage boost module for "inline" Toyota regulator plugs if a higher than stock Toyota charging voltage is desired.

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