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Driftmotion Manual Transmission Oil Cooler Kit
Driftmotion Manual Transmission Oil Cooler Kit

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Part Number: Driftmotion Manual Trans Oil Cooler Kit

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Driftmotion Transmission Oil Cooler Kit. We have been doing upgrades and rebuilds on R154 and other Toyota transmissions for a long time, and one thing we have noticed is that the elevated horsepower level people are running these days creates a lot of heat in the transmission, which leads to excessive wear, and can even cause major failures. We noticed that no one offered a kit to keep a Toyota Supra manual transmission cool, which is where we come in :) Also, any metal wear that happens inside the transmissions usually stays in the transmission, and gets circulated through the gears and bearings. With our kit an inline filter will trap metal particulates in the oil, and further extend the life of the transmission. The cooler and lines also add more oil volume to the system, which is a plus.

We have assembled some quality parts at reasonable prices that we will keep in stock to assist you with your project. As soon as we can get a few vehicles ready to do full installations we will make more complete kits and add more detailed pictures, but for now it will be more of a DIY offering with some of the hard to find items. Feel free to call Aaron at 909-753-7385 if you want to discuss these items or have questions about an installation on your vehicle.

The recommended way it should be plumbed is the lower drain plug on the transmission will go to the inlet on the filter, the outlet on the filter goes to the inlet on the cooler, the outlet on the cooler goes to the inlet on the pump, and the outlet on the pump goes to the fill plug location on the transmission. The pump should be primed with oil before the first time it is run, and we recommend filling the cooler and filter with oil also. Do NOT run the pump dry the first time it is used. Mount the cooler with the fittings facing up. The cooler is mounted with the fittings facing up so that oil will not drain from the cooler and overfill the transmission when the oil pump is off, and also to keep the system primed with oil. After oil is circulated through the system until you can hear the pump running smoothly, remove the fill fitting on the transmission and fill the transmission case until oil runs out the fill hole, just like you would do normally.

The oil pump we recommend is a metal gear Mocal pump that is designed specifically for gear oil. There are cheap imitations of this pump out there, some even use plastic gears, but Mocal is definitely the best. We include AN-6 adapter fittings in addition to the AN-8 fittings that the pump typically includes. AN-6 hose will allow for plenty of oil flow, especially considering that the transmission only has about 3 quarts in it and the pump is rated to flow 2 gallons per minute.
You can use 3'8" push-lock hose and AN-6 fittings, or braided stainless AN-6 hose. We can even make you custom crimped Teflon lined stainless hoses by just getting the measurements from you.

Another big benefit to our oil cooler kit is to add oil filtration to the transmission. By removing metal particles that build up in the oil and cause bearing and gear wear, your transmission's lifespan will be increased. We offer a special 240 micron filter designed specifically for thicker gear oils. It has a washable stainless steel filter element. A normal 100 micron filter designed for fuel will cause too much back pressure on the pump, and clog up much too quickly, which could overheat and damage the pump

Our 18mm fittings are the perfect replacement for the stock drain and fill plugs, giving you an easy inlet and outlet without having to drill holes in the transmission case. We include a factory Toyota aluminum crush washer with each fitting.

If you have a tight clearance to the tunnel on the fill plug, we have a AN-6 90 degree adapter that will make the hose fitting come out close to the transmission and turn a sharp 90 degree angle.

We have several options for different oil coolers. If it is mounted somewhere that doesn't have good airflow, or you want a fan to keep cooling the transmission when the vehicle is moving slowly or stopped, we have a nice compact top-of-the-line Setrab unit we have used on custom projects in the past. If a fan isn't desired, we have several options for Long and Koyo brand coolers. Since manual transmissions don't have a torque converter constantly producing large amounts of heat, a reasonably sized cooler will be sufficient, it doesn't need to be massive.

We offer a 10amp rated Setrab 180 degree thermostat switch that can handle running the oil pump directly without a relay. If you have a cooler fan also, a relay would be recommended.
It is 1/8" NPT pipe thread, so it could be mounted in a hole drilled in a rib in the transmission case, but we also have an AN-6 inline fitting with an 1/8" NPT port that can be used.

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