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Driftmotion R154/V160 Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit
Driftmotion R154/V160 Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit

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Part Number: Driftmotion R154 Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit

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Driftmotion Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit For R154/V160. This bearing kit can be used with Clutch Masters or OS Giken twin disc kits, and many other brands. It comes with shims to adjust the free-play clearance from the release bearing to the diaphragm spring, The spacer length can be customized to fit different clutch applications on a 1JZ, 2JZ or 7M engine with an R154 or V160 transmission. Please specify the type of transmission in the drop down menu. Triple or Quad OS Giken requires an additional billet spacer, which is why there is an additional cost for those.

Kit includes a bleeder hose, and a full length clutch hose to connect directly to your master cylinder.
Also includes shims to adjust clearance. Please call or text 909-753-7385 10am-6pm Mon-Fri if you have any questions about the installation or setup.

Installation tips:

*Use only DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid! Do NOT use any brake fluid with silicone in it, it will ruin the seals in the bearing.
(We like the Prestone DOT 3 synthetic fluid you can buy at AutoZone for under $10 in a yellow bottle)
* The shims go on the round spacer behind the aluminum bearing housing. Do NOT pull the front of the bearing apart and put shims inside where the fluid seal and o-ring is, that will ruin this unit!
* The supplied bracket goes at the top right bolt for the transmission's front bearing retainer at about the 2 o-clock position. (looking from the front)
* The highest fitting on the installed bearing housing (12 o-clock) should be the bleeder hose. We recommend to sleeve the braided lines with 1/4" silicone hose with a slit cut in it, and zip tie the hoses to each other, then zip tie them to the bell housing coming out the original hole for the stock slave cylinder.
* To measure the bearing clearance first put a straight edge across the bell housing on the engine and measure from the back of the bell housing to the crank. Then put the bell housing on the transmission and measure from the front of the bell housing to the face of the release bearing. Subtract one measurement from the other to find your clearance, and use shims to get it to be 0.175" (a range of 0.160" to 0.190" is acceptable).
* The gap between the bearing and the clutch spring fingers should be about 0.175" +/- .015", this measurement is BEFORE bleeding the clutch, with the bearing pushed all the way in. After bleeding the clutch you will not see a gap anymore, that is normal.

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