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DM MK3 Supra 29 Spline Ring and Pinion Diff Upgrade/Rebuild Kit
Driftmotion MK3 Supra 29 Spline Ring and Pinion Diff Upgrade/Rebuild Kit

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Our Price: $599.00
Part Number: DM MK3 Supra 29 Spline Ring and Pinion Diff Upgrade/Rebuild Kit

Product Code: DM3462

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Driftmotion MK3 Supra 29 Spline Ring and Pinion Diff Upgrade/Rebuild Kit. This rebuild kit includes an upgraded 29 spline ring and pinion (stock is 27 spline), a new 29 spline input flange (with the stock Supra bolt pattern and one larger bolt pattern), a bigger diameter pinion nut, OEM Koyo Japanese bearings, OEM/Factory seals, and a new crush sleeve. This kit gives you the main items needed to rebuild a 86-92 MK3 Supra 8" differential (USA/Non-Torsen Type). These are very nice ring and pinion sets made by Nitro Gear. Their quality manufacturing avoids endless shim adjustments during assembly because it usually sets up nice like the original stock gears. The bigger diameter splines and bigger diameter pinion nut will allow less deflection of the pinion, which will make the differential more durable for high horsepower engines. To strengthen the pinion install even more we can upgrade the crush sleeve to a solid spacer with shims. Pinion and side shims are NOT included, those are only available from Toyota directly and have to be special ordered. If you opt for the solid spacer option it does include a set of pinion pre-load adjustment shims.

We have multiple gear ratio options:
Plus we can order:

Here are a few tips that may help you in selecting a gear ratio:
• With the 3.58 you can run a V160 transmission in an MK3 with the stock diff housing and still have acceptable freeway RPM and top speed. It's not quite a 3.29:1, but it's close enough.
• The 3.73 is great for a Toyota auto transmission, or an R154 where you want lower engine RPM on the highway with higher top speed capability.
• 4.11 is our personal favorite for an R154 with a 1JZ with 400-600whp. Good mix of acceleration and top speed.
• 4.30 is great for a BPU 1JZ or 2JZ-GE with an R154, where you want to take advantage of the higher RPM power-band to get off the line fast.
• 4.56:1, 4:88 and 5.29 would likely be best for custom applications, like installing a Supra differential in a truck with big tires. Maybe a rally car Supra??? :)

We can do a professional installation of these gear sets for you for $350 flat rate labor, which includes hot-tank cleaning, adjusting bearing pre-load properly, setting the backlash correctly, getting the gear mesh set up right, and checking the pattern by paint marking. We can even paint the diff housing black for $25, and/or polish the rear aluminum cover for $80. Want to add an OS Giken LSD for a really amazing setup? No problem, we can do that at a special package price (please call, pricing too low to advertise). Return shipping can be arranged for $110 flat rate, ground shipping in the US lower 48 states only. Shipping the differential to Driftmotion is up to you, please ship it insured with signature required, to the address on our website.
Due to issues with about 90% of the stock MK3 carriers being already ruined from spun side bearings, we are ONLY offering rebuild services when using an OS Giken LSD. We have tried other brands but the setup is overlly complicated and time consuming. OS Giken always goes in nicely, and works amazing. The OS Giken LSD can be added to your cart here: OS GIKEN LSD

(Prices listed for parts and labor assume the customer will send us a usable/rebuildable core. In the event we find the differential housing or carrier or side plates have physical damage, we would either need to find good used replacement parts and bill for those accordingly, or refund the customer for the parts and labor, minus a $40 inspection fee, and ship it back at the customer's expense.)
We include insurance on the differential for $1000 going back to you. If you require additional insurance there would be an additional fee, and we would need to be notified before it has shipped. Any shipping insurance claims need to be made through the shipping company, Driftmotion is not responsible for damaged/lost incoming shipments, so please package it well to avoid mishaps)

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