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New R154 JZX100 Transmission
New R154 Transmission With Bell Housing and Shifter

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Our Price: $3,299.00
Sale Price: $3,199.99
Savings: $99.01
Part Number: New R154 Transmission

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Product Code: DM3513

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Brand New R154 JZX100 Transmission
Yes, you read it correctly, BRAND NEW R154!! These are the newer JZX100 version of the R154 from Japan that has 3pc synchros, and the main shift rails inside have ball bearings for smoother operation. These transmissions are the right shifter length to swap into an SC300, SC400, GS300, GS400, and MK4 Supra. With a little trimming around the shifter opening in the floor we have seen these installed into 240SX, IS300, and many others. This transmission includes a 1JZ bell housing, which allows it to bolt up to any JZ engine. It also includes a fork support if you purchase the transmission with the 1jz bell housing. It does NOT include a speedo gear. If you have a vehicle that doesn't need a mechanical or electrical speedo output, we can provide a freeze plug to block it off.

We also have available SOLD SEPARATELY, the speedo gear, clutch fork, clutch hub, 1JZ flywheel, 1JZ/7M clutch, transmission mount, bell housing to block bolt set, slave cylinder, etc... We are offering an option to purchase the transmission without the 1JZ bell housing for if you have one already. Because of the weight, we can only ship these transmissions in the US lower 48 states with ground shipping. The free shipping option will be UPS or FedEx at our discretion.

Swapping a transmission from a Nissan or GM vehicle isn't an easier swap for your Toyota or Lexus! Also compare our BRAND NEW price to what the JDM importers are selling 25+ year old used transmissions for!

NEW OPTION! We offer a new billet adapter housing that replaces the whole tripod assembly and shifter retainer with a new billet adapter retainer and steel shifter arm, which allows installation into MK2 Supra, MK3 Supra, Cressida, IS300, 240SX, plus other vehicles that need a short or long shifter extension. If you select this option, we will replace the stock components with those new adapter items we make, and NOT include the original tripod shifter assembly in the box when we ship it. We sell a short shifter for the MK3 Supra that will fit this new adapter retainer, but that is at an additional cost. The original tripod shift lever does NOT fit our billet retainer housing.

Another new option! If the transmission will need to handle over 500whp , we can do all the upgrades to it for $800 parts and labor. These upgrades include the 1-2 and 3-4 Driftmotion or Marlin Crawler billet shift forks, and the Marlin Crawler HD bearing retainer and chromoly thrust washer.

Because we often get requests for everything needed for an R154 swap, here are some items you may need for your project:
1JZ Flywheel: Lightweight Aluminum or Stock Weight Chromoly
1JZ ARP Flywheel Bolt Set or Driftmotion 1JZ Flywheel Bolt Set
R154 Pressure Plate Bolt Set
R154 Slave Cylinder

R154 Clutch Fork
Fork Support With Spring (comes with our new R154 transmission when bell housing is included)
R154 Clutch Hub with Washers and Clips
Full Length Clutch Hose
Driftmotion Stage 2 Clutch Kit
Driftmotion Stage 3.5 Clutch Kit
Driftmotion Stage 4 Clutch Kit
Driftmotion Super Single Clutch Kit
Speedo Gear Assembly
(these new transmissions don't include it)
Driftmotion VSS Sensor (if you need an electronic speedometer output)
Manual Pedal Set: MK4 Supra, SC300, IS300
1JZ Bell Housing to JZ Block Bolt Set
1JZ Bell Housing to R154 Transmission Bolt Set
R154 Transmission Mount (For MK3, Cressida)
R154 Swap Mount Kit (For SC300, IS300, GS300, MK4)
Driftmotion Adapter Shifter Housing For MK3 Supra/Cressida/240SX/MK4/SC
Driftmotion Short Throw Shifter (for the MK3 Supra/Cressida adapter housings)
Driftmotion Adjustable Throw Shifter (for the MK3 Supra/Cressida adapter housings)
Driftmotion Adjustable Throw Tripod Short Shifter (upgraded shifter to replace stock tripod)
Aluminum 1310 Drive Shaft (500whp)
Steel 1310 Drive Shaft (500whp)
Aluminum 3.5" 1350 Drive Shaft (over 500whp)

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